Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March Madness


March Madness…what is it? This year I don’t know! It is a combination of life , business, and basketball! It’s all Madddddd… LOL Cheekie and I had a wonderful weekend. WE shopped, played and had some wonderful quality time. I can never ask for more weekends like that. The economy is Kr8zy MAD right now. So many peeps are just down right scared for job security, tight budgets and of course OIL…. I love my recession proof job, although I have to admit, I have to get my azzzzz  in gear and focus on the direction of business these days! It’s like learning hoe to play again. It’s not about pride, and reliability any longer, it’s about $$$$$. Well folks, I still gotta make lettuce, so it’s on! We have missed our NC besties, but have been talking with them as much as we can. All our besties around here have been soooo busy lately, I am ready for some normalcy back. I think Cheeks and I are gonna take a leap and over the next few weeks go some places and do some things that will be fun and interesting. I am looking forward to quite a few more fun weekends on the river this year.

We are gonna have a wonderful 2011, save some monies, get ready for a Disney Vacation and no telling where else the wind blows us.


Spring time means some festivals and plantations, and cemeteries. I love hanging with my Cheekie taking rides, and photographing things! I hope that any who read wanna joins us, we will certainly be doin out thang!!!


Peace and Love!

Peace Love and Cheekie


Jeauxdi said...

Everyday is a mad adventure for you and I! I'm ready for our spring adventures! I love you to the moon!