Happy Easter Weekend


No matter what orientation, faith, religion, or belief that you stand behind….. I wish upon you the happiness that faith and trust upon what you believe in will carry you through life’s journey! I am proud to know that I have Christ as my lord and saviour. I humbly bestow the path that he walked before me! I am blessed to have made our Family as whole as I possibly can! I am Honored to have my wife as my one and only and only second to the faith that I carry!


Spring is in the air…. & One of the little ducklings is going to get it, I believe. We enjoy watching these little creatures daily… they are growing so quickly!

This weekend will too, also pass much too quickly as all of them do. I am am however ready to spend the time with our families, have some good food and hopefully squeeze some quiet time with my “Cheekie”



Happy Weekend

I am so glad that my “Cheekie is beginning to feel a little better! I so hate for her to feel yuckie! She is my rock and my world!


It has been soooo rainy here lately!! I am grateful that mother nature has blessed us with enough prettiness that I can finally have our lawn done today!!
Cheekie and I are just loving our home and being able to wake up and smile each day! I did fill a hummingbird feeder this morning, so hopefully I will have some great hummingbird pictures soon!

I hope everyone has a great weekend.

PS… If you get a chance, please go check out me new blog at TheWDWDads Page


Happy Friday!!!!!

Much to say, with little time to say it! I have quite a bit to get done today, so I will make my mentions and I shall return later!

Thanks all for following the house progress! I completed yet another task that I wanted to do around here! As one of my previous blogs stated, I pruned and freshened the flower beds! I decided to take it to a “Whole Nova Level” before it rained! Here is the progress!

I chose to start with argentum and Wax begonia, there will be some moss roses to follow once they are in full season!




New red cypress mulch……


LED solar bed lighting


Finished !!! There are many, many little plants there! I will update once mother nature has given them a boost!


Next, I am pleased to announce that I was asked to write for a Disney blog

I have authored an introduction post, and one post based on my personal experience with Disney cast, admin, and excellence! Check out my Author Bio Here. My Blog posts can be read by clicking on the web image header above!

My “Cheekie” is starting to feel much better after trips to the ER, and more meds. I pray that it really gets her back in racing form! Please stop by her blog for some great reads,and updates on our Subtle touches of Disney decorating in our home “ Confession’s of a Giggling Drama Queen” . She has much to read and do on her blog. If you drop by please leave her a comment on her tag board saying hi!

I hope that everyone has a Joyful, Magical, and Mickeyful Friday!

MAN Behind the Magic

MAN Behind the Magic

Hello, Thank you and Good Evening!

Hello, Thank you and Good Evening!

Spring Cleaning the Flowerbeds

Freshening up before planting

On Saturday, I decided that I needed to undertake the chore of taking care of of what I personally considered some very unruly flower beds and shrubbery! Although it was a beautiful day, I completely exhausted myself when completed!

Here are Before and after photo’s. PS it will look much better on Thursday when the Lawn service comes to manicure the rest of the yard!



photo 1

Pruned, cleaned, and trimmed

photo 2photo 3

Home is warming one day at a time!

Cheekie and I are ecstatic  with our new humble abode. Time is what we have , and it is what we need! Me Cheekie and I are getting it warm for any and all visitors we may encompass in our future! We still have a ways to go, with some pics to be framed and hung. Our console Tables, end tables and sofa table will not be in until April 1-3. Slow and steady wins the race! Our home is an open place for all who we love! Here are a few pics that show some progress! Y’all come on down here and visit ya hear!




Breakfast Area






Jodi & I’s instruments from school!


Living Decorating


Another Living angle


Candle Glow


Breakfast Set


The Nest


His & Her’s Vanities


Front Entry


Back Door


Enjoy! I will post some more outside pics and lake pics this weekend after pruning the hedges and the lawn guy comes!

Peace Love and Mickey!!

Hint…Hint…Mickey’s throughout our pics!!

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Wordless Wednesday



My Wife's iPad drawings, and her beautiful blog!

I am so proud if my wife's creativity. Check out her digital art drawings, and the rest of her blog!

PLEASE DO NOT COPY my drawings...They are for my personal use. You can see what I have for sale on my Esty Store ...Thank you! Have a giggly...

Fix it Friday #134

I heart faces Fix it Friday #134

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Permission granted for limited time, non-commercial use on www.iheartfaces.com.  Copyright Angie Arthur Photography.  
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